General Internal Medicine (GIM)

Beacon Hospital’s state-of-the-art General Internal Medicine (GIM) Clinic is located in Suite 1 of The Orange Mall.

General Internal Medicine, or GIM as it is most commonly referred to as, is the area of medicine which focusses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases.

Beacon Hospital’s General & Internal Medicine Department treats a large range of illnesses and disorders including those related to; respiratory issues such as breathlessness, lung diseases, asthma and COPD, gastroenterology, liver issues, renal (kidney) problems, infectious diseases and rheumatology amongst others.

Our specialist GIM consultants have an abundance of experience and are backed by the full services of Beacon Hospital.


If you have been referred by your GP to a Consultant in General Internal Medicine, the diagnostics carried out will depend on the reason you have been referred. Patients may have diagnostic tests carried out in our radiology department. This department has the most technologically advanced equipment in all of Ireland.

Blood tests, swabs or biopsies taken will be sent to our in house state-of-the-art laboratory for testing.

Our Endoscopy Department will perform any endoscopies required for diagnostic purposes.