Cancer Care

Beacon Hospital’s Cancer Centre offers a complete cancer care service featuring everything from diagnostics to medical oncology and radiation oncology, surgical intervention, inpatient care, pain management, physiotherapy, emotional support, access to worldwide clinical trials and more, all in one centre of excellence.

Our Consultant Medical Oncologists and Consultant Radiation Oncologists work together with Consultants across all other disciplines to treat cancers in all areas of the body.

Some of the cancers commonly treated in Beacon Hospital include, but are not limited to; Bowel Cancer, Brain Tumours, Breast Cancer (male and female), Cervical Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Head and Neck Cancers, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic, Prostate Cancer, Skin Cancer, Stomach Cancer and more.


The majority of patients come to our Cancer Care centre via referral from a Consultant in another discipline. Often, they have been sent to this Consultant by their GP for further examination of a specific issue. These can include referrals from an array of departments such as the women’s or breast centre, urology or endoscopy.

If your consultant finds something that they believe could be cancerous during imaging or a physical examination, a biopsy will usually be taken and sent to pathology for analysis. Analysis of this biopsy can take anything from a number of hours to a period of days or a couple of weeks. How long analysis will take is dependent on a number of factors. On the day your biopsy is taken, your Consultant will give you an indication of when you can expect the results to be available.

Results & Next Steps

Once the results have been received, if they are malignant, your Consultant will discuss your case at an MDT (multidisciplinary team meeting). Following this meeting, you may be referred to a specialist Consultant in our Cancer Care Centre. 

Your Consultant Oncologist, along with your original Consultant, will determine the best course of action for your treatment. Necessary treatment can all be carried out under our roof with all of your specialists working cohesively to guarantee you the best care. 

Our state-of-the-art Medical Oncology unit located on the 6th floor has 21 comfortable stations where patients can rest while receiving their chemotherapy or other medical therapies. Our Radiation Oncology unit, located on level -1, is home to Ireland’s most advanced radiotherapy treatment machine, the Varian Edge 2019 and treatment design scanner Siemens goSIM 2021. 

In house pharmacies, laboratories and theatres ensure that everything you need can be done on site without adding excess worries and pressures to you, our patient. Should you require inpatient admission at any point during your treatment, our Oncology Ward has a direct admission policy available for all of our oncology patients. This offers peace of mind and the reassurance that comes with having a direct access route to care 24/7 without the added burden of trips to an Emergency Department.

You will be introduced to one of our Oncology Liaison Nurses who will act in your best interests at all times and ensure your needs are met and questions are answered. 

Our Pain Management team will play an important role in your care and ensure that you are kept comfortable during this journey and that your quality of life is maintained throughout the duration of your treatment plan.

Each member of our Oncology team is wholly committed to providing you with the best care and reassurance during your time in their care.