Emergency Department

Beacon Hospital is home to Ireland’s most comprehensive consultant-led private Emergency Department. Phone 01 293 9999.

Beacon Hospital’s ED is a consultant-led Department. Our team of experts are on hand to offer immediate access to medical assessment and treatment. Our Consultants in Emergency Medicine and their team treat an array of conditions and injuries from sprains, breaks and cardiac complaints to acute medical and surgical emergencies.

Backed by our full-service hospital with over 250 Consultants and 1300 healthcare professionals, Beacon Hospital ED is Ireland’s most comprehensive private Emergency Department.


Emergency Department By Appointment Only

Continued strong demand for access to our Emergency Department is resulting in excessive delays for patients. In the interest of our patients and staff this service will be moving to an appointment-based system from Monday, September 13th. This temporary arrangement will minimise waiting times while also ensuring that we can maintain clinical excellence during this busy period. For appointments and phone triage, GPs or patients are advised to call 01 293 9999.


  • What is the cost of attending the ED?

    The Emergency Department fee is €160 for patients who are discharged that same day.

    Please note that additional charges may apply for certain tests, treatments or items required such as X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, blood tests, crutches, walking boots or braces, splints or consultations with other specialists such as Consultants or Physiotherapists. Your ED admin team will be able to advise you of any costs prior to examination or treatment.

    There is a cap of €560 for outpatient services. This covers most of the above but some exclusions for less common tests may apply. Our ED Admin team can explain these to you in detail.

    If a Covid test is required, this will cost €250. This is included under the cap. If you are admitted to inpatient care, the cost of the Covid test is billable to your health insurance provider.

    Patients who are admitted the hospital will incur a €200 Emergency Department fee.

  • My GP referred me to the ED, do I still have to pay the fee?

    Yes. As the hospital is independent of your GP Practice, the ED fees will apply whether your GP refers you or you are a self-referral.

  • I don’t have Private Heath Insurance, can I still come to the ED?

    Yes. Many patients chose to self-pay to get access to medical care and tests quickly. You will be asked to pay upfront fees on arrival at the ED. If you are admitted to the hospital, you will be charged the first two nights in advance of your admission. If you are discharged after only one night, you will be refunded the second night’s fee. 

    Please note that if you are admitted, additional charges may apply where tests or referrals to other Consultants are necessary. Please talk to admin team who will be best placed to advise you of possible charges.

  • Can I bring my child to the ED?

    No. Beacon Hospital is unable to accept children under the age of 16 years to the Emergency Department. If your child requires medical attention, please take them to your GP or your nearest paediatric hospital’s Emergency Department. If your child requires urgent attention, please dial emergency services.

  • I am pregnant and require medical attention. Can I attend your ED?

    No. Beacon Hospital’s Emergency Department is not equipped to treat expectant mothers. If you require medical attention, please report to the Emergency Department in your nearest Maternity Hospital. If you require urgent attention, please dial emergency services.

  • I think I am having a stroke. Can I come to the ED?

    No. Patients who are suffering from a stroke are advised to call an emergency ambulance immediately. Symptoms of stroke are FAST.

    This means:

    • F – Face- Facial weakness. Can the patient smile? Is their mouth or eye drooping?
    • A – Arms – Arm Weakness. Can the patient raise both arms?
    • S – Speech Problems. Can the patient speak properly and understand what you say?
    • T –  Time. Time to Call 112 or 999 if any of the above symptoms are apparent.

    For more information on he Irish Heart Foundation’s FAST stroke campaign, click here.

  • Does Beacon Hospital treat psychiatric emergencies?

    No, Beacon Hospital is not in a position to treat psychiatric emergencies. For further information on where to look for help in the case of a psychiatric emergency, click here.

  • If I call an emergency services ambulance, can I request to be brought to Beacon Hospital’s ED?

    No, the national ambulance service will bring you to your nearest on-duty public Accident & Emergency Department. An emergency services ambulance will never bring you to a private Emergency Department regardless of private health insurance.

  • If I need to be admitted, will there always be a bed for me?

    While we always do our best to accommodate all patients requiring admission, we cannot guarantee that beds will always be available. This is due to the nature of healthcare. All decisions around beds will be made based on clinical need.

  • Will I get all tests and see all specialists on the day I attend the ED?

    While we will do our best to ensure that all required tests are carried out on the day of presentation, some tests may be carried out in the outpatient setting in the days following your initial visit.

    Patients attending the ED will be treated for their symptoms on the day but may also be required to attend further appointments for testing or with a specialist on a later date , where required to provide further diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

    Please note that at present, there is no Neurology service via our Emergency Department

Emergency Department

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday
    10am to 7pm
    10am to 6pm
    Sundays & Bank Holidays

ED Code of Conduct

Our staff will always do their upmost to ensure respect, compassion and professionalism while dealing with our patients. We ask that patients please treat our staff with the same respect while in our care.