No insurance, no problem. Beacon Hospital offers self-pay options to access our medical services.

Insurance is not essential to access medical services provided at Beacon Hospital. Self-Pay Options are available for the private healthcare system without having private health insurance or full cover.


Self-Pay can be of particular interest to groups of patients such as:

  • Patients who do not hold private health insurance or those who may not have adequate insurance for the required procedure.
  • Patients in need of specialist care which is not available through their current insurance plan or through the facility they are currently attending.
  • Patients who are concerned and need urgent access to diagnostic testing and/or procedures.

For further information on Self-Pay procedures, please fill out the form below and a member of our Patient Accounts Department will be in touch.


Please note: 

  • Having a procedure code from your Consultant will allow us to quote you more accurately.
  • We will provide you with a quote for your surgery prior to your date of admission, this will include the Hospital and Anaesthetist fee.
  • Consultant fees are not included in your quote from the hospital unless stated otherwise, please contact the consultants office directly.
  • All quotes are an estimated cost until a booking form has been received by a Consultant.
  • All quotes given expire after 30 days.

Self-Pay Enquiry

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Please note submitting a procedure code and Consultant Name will allow us to quote more accurately.