Patient Safety & Quality

Patient Safety and Quality are at the heart of all we do in Beacon Hospital.

Our Patient Safety & Quality Team work closely with the entire staff of Beacon Hospital in ensuring that patients are looked after in a safe environment and that care and treatment given is of the highest quality.

The PSQI Team monitor and assess hospital operations on an ongoing basis to ensure that standards are being upheld. We also benchmark against other services to see how we compare and also to be able to learn from any successful best practices they have implemented.

New processes are introduced only after thorough examination and careful consideration once they deemed to be in the best interests of patient safety and quality.

All staff, both clinical and non-clinical receive ongoing patient safety and quality education.

If you have recently stayed with us and have not filled out a patient feedback form, we would like to hear your feedback. A copy of our Patient Satisfaction Survey can be downloaded here.

Patient Feedback