Visiting Hours

COVID-19 is still present in the community and in hospitals. While some infection prevention control measures in Beacon Hospital have de-escalated in-line with National Guidelines, Beacon Hospital continue to ask patients and visitors who are attending to follow these measures:

  • ​​Isolate if you are symptomatic with new respiratory symptoms or if you are diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Complete your vaccination programme.
  • Continue to adhere to measures in Beacon Hospital to protect yourself, patients and staff.
  • Perform hand hygiene.
  • Practice cough and respiratory etiquette i.e. cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing or use your elbow if no tissue available.
  • Visit at the designated hospital visiting times unless prearranged with the relevant department.

The prevalence of COVID-19 may fluctuate in the community and Beacon Hospital will continue to review and change infection prevention control and safety measures accordingly and at short notice if necessary.

Visiting Hours

  • Afternoon

Visiting Restriction Exemptions

Exceptions to visiting restrictions will be made in exceptional circumstances. These circumstances include patients receiving end of life care. Where this is applicable, permission will be granted from the Nursing Supervisor in advance of the visit. The visitor must perform hand hygiene. If a visitor is deemed high risk of carrying covid, admission may be refused in line with patient safety policies.


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