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Pyxis MedStation® 2000

As the most popular automated medication dispensing system in the world, the Pyxis MedStation series offers tremendous control and flexibility. Pyxis MedStation automates the distribution, tracking, management and security of medications and drives improvements in quality and efficiency. Proven to reduce chances of medication errors, the use of Pyxis technology at Beacon Hospital will support safe, efficient medication dispensing in patient care areas. The use of biometric user identification is an important part of the tracking process. For example, a user will by virtue of his/her fingerprint access, be authorized to access to a single MedStation or multiple machines. Access can be further restricted to certain sections of the one MedStation. Once a user is logged on, the type, quantity and time of removal of each medication is recorded and transferred to the hospital computer system. The MedStation’s computer screen will display warnings/information depending on which drug is accessed and a built in printer will print drug information on demand. Pharmacy will automatically be informed by each MedStation of the amount of drugs taken and a re-supply list is printed to bring the stock in each machine back to its pre-defined level. The tracking capabilities of Pyxis in conjunction with the Hospital computer system will enable important but until now inaccessible to be put to its fullest use. One important example of the potential use of such data is the antibiotic usage to be compared to diagnosis and resistance patterns with prescribing altered accordingly resulting in improved patient care.  

Key advantages

  • Save nursing and pharmacy time, providing more time for clinical patient care
  • Help increase patient safety
  • Support timely administration of medication
  • Control which medications users can access
  • Support JCAHO and regulatory compliance
  • Increase charge and cost capture