Beacon Limerick HealthCheck

1 HealthCheck, 2-4 Hours, Total Peace of Mind.

Beacon Limerick HealthCheck is Limerick’s premier health screening service. Taking a proactive approach to your health can help you to identify areas to focus on in order to stay healthy and well. By completing a periodic health screening, patients are more likely to pick up potential health threats earlier which often leads to more successful treatment outcomes where treatment is necessary.

Our comprehensive health screening program considers your medical and family history, lifestyle, blood tests and other test results in order to help you identify and make any changes necessary to stay well.


Book Your Beacon Limerick HealthCheck

Due to demand, Beacon Limerick has expanded the HealthCheck service to increase appointment availability.

To book your HealthCheck please call 061 233 011. No GP Referral is necessary for a HealthCheck appointment.


Browse a copy of our Beacon Limerick HealthCheck Brochure.

This brochure goes into depth about the service and details all the tests included.

Beacon Limerick HealthCheck


Our Limerick HealthCheck includes the following:

  • In depth HealthCheck Consultation with our HealthCheck Physician
  • Comprehensive Blood Analysis
  • Extensive Physical Examination
  • Other clinically indicated tests – where these are deemed necessary, e.g. Chest X-ray, Dexa scan etc.

Once complete, your detailed report will be compiled and sent to you and to your General Practitioner. Should you need referral to any other healthcare specialists, this will be arranged for you.

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