Patients & Visitors

Patients & Visitors

Keeping you Safe

COVID-19 is still present in the community and in hospitals. While some infection prevention control measures in Beacon Hospital have de-escalated in-line with National Guidelines, Beacon Hospital continue to ask patients and visitors who are attending to follow these measures:

  • ​​Isolate if you are symptomatic with new respiratory symptoms or if you are diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Complete your vaccination programme.
  • Continue to adhere to measures in Beacon Hospital to protect yourself, patients and staff.
  • Perform hand hygiene.
  • Practice social or physical distancing.
  • Practice cough and respiratory etiquette i.e. cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing or use your elbow if no tissue available.
  • Visit at the designated hospital visiting times unless prearranged with the relevant department.

The prevalence of COVID-19 may fluctuate in the community and Beacon Hospital will continue to review and change infection prevention control and safety measures accordingly and at short notice if necessary.

Don't Put Your Health on Hold.

Covid-19 transformed the delivery of health care and Beacon Hospital would like to reassure our patients that throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have been committed to maintaining continuity of care.

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen many patients who have put off their health due to Covid anxiety. This has unfortunately resulted in large numbers of patients attending with much more serious conditions than would have been the case had they attended earlier. For this reason, we ask you not to put your health on hold and not to cancel your healthcare appointments. We want to assure you that attending Beacon Hospital for your healthcare needs is safe.

All of our departments remain open and we will continue to treat patients with health and safety standards in place to keep you safe.

Keeping You Safe

Due to the highly effective health and safety measures in place, we have been able to continue to offer our full range of services throughout the duration of the pandemic. We encourage patients who are concerned about their health not to delay attending. To do so could have a negative, or in some cases, a lasting impact on your health.
  • Additional Hand Sanitiser Stations

    We have installed over 50 new hand sanitiser stations in all hospital areas and outpatient clinics. We encourage patients and staff to use these as frequently as possible.

  • Automatic Doors

    Automatic doors have been fitted at various locations throughout the hospital. This reduces the need to touch surfaces such as door handles.

  • Enhanced Cleaning

    Our dedicated housekeeping team have implemented enhanced cleaning schedules throughout the hospital. A major focus has been put on increased cleaning frequency of all doors, lifts buttons, stair rails, reception areas and seating.

  • Hand Hygiene

    All staff are continuing to maintain the strictest level of hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is performed regularly with particular attention being paid after patient contact. We encourage patients to practice this level of hand hygiene also.

    You may be asked by staff members throughout your hospital journey to wash or sanitise your hands at certain times. We ask that you comply with these requests.

  • Infection Prevention Control

    Our in-house Infection Prevention Control Team, follow strict HSE guidelines as well as our own enhanced safety protocols.

  • Masks and Gloves

    Face masks or coverings are no longer mandatory for all entering the Hospital. Should you wish to wear a mask for your safety and of those around you, please do so. If you wish a staff member to wear a mask please just ask. 

    We do not recommend that patients wear gloves. Patients who attend wearing gloves may be asked to remove these and sanitise their hands upon arrival.

  • Patients Only

    We request all patients attending the hospital to attend alone. Staff are available to assist patients needing help and family members are asked to remain outside the premises.

    There are various coffee shops in the vicinity where family members can wait should they prefer this to waiting in the car.

  • Pre-Op Covid-19 Assessment

    Patients attending the hospital for haematology, oncology, and ICU may be required to be tested for COVID-19 on to admission.

  • Staff PPE & Training

    We have ample stock of all necessary PPE equipment. All Beacon Hospital staff have undergone extensive training in the correct use of this equipment.

    Staff receive ongoing refresher training and are familiar and extremely competent in the correct use of PPE.

Visiting Hours

  • Afternoon

Important Information:

You should not attend Beacon Hospital if you have any new respiratory symptoms.

If you have been in contact with a person who has COVID-19 you may enter the hospital if you have fully complied with National Guidelines.

If you have an appointment at the hospital, we request that you attend unaccompanied where possible. If you are in a high-risk category and have an appointment with us, please feel free to phone first to let us know. You can find a list of high risk categories by clicking here.