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Preventing DVT while Travelling
August 30th 2023

Preventing DVT while Travelling with Mr Donagh Healy

How to Prevent and Reduce Risk of DVT While Travelling   The possibility of developing a DVT has an

is Getting a Heart Check worth it
August 18th 2023

Is Getting a Heart Check Worth it? Dr Barton Discusses

Dr Barton Discusses the Benefits of Getting a Heart Check A friend’s recent death due to a sudden heart attack has...

Fitness Tracker High Heart Rate with Professor Robert Kelly
July 6th 2023

Prof Kelly Discusses Fitness Tracker High Heart Rate Warning When at Rest

Fitness Tracker gives warning of High Heart Rate even while at rest   A busy working mom has heart health...

Feeling Mentally Drained & Exhausted Prof Kelly advises
June 26th 2023

Feeling Mentally Drained & Exhausted? Prof Kelly Advises

Feeling Exhausted, Overwhelmed and Mentally Drained A concerned reader of has reached out to our Consultant...

June 16th 2023

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Heart Checked?

Your heart beats 60 to 100 times per minute. It pumps 7,000 litres of blood each day. When was the last time you got...

Assoc Prof Anhar Hassan on Migraine Management & Prevention
June 14th 2023

Assoc Prof Anhar Hassan on Migraine Management & Prevention

Assoc Prof Hassan Advises on Migraine Preparation and Prevention recently had a question for...

Skin Cancer discussed by Peter Meagher with Pat Kenny
May 24th 2023

Skin Cancer with Peter Meagher on Pat Kenny

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Peter Meagher joined...

ACL Tears: Maurice Neligan Discusses
May 17th 2023

Maurice Neligan Talks ACL Tears with Claire Byrne

ACL tears are common among sports people but can happen to anyone. The ACL is a ligament that sits in the centre of the...

Intermittent Fasting with Dr Grant
March 23rd 2023

Intermittent Fasting Advice with Dr Grant

Are you considering intermittent fasting? A woman in her 50’s reached out to Dr Grant this week for advice on...