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Pinhole Glasses with Arthur Cummings
May 23rd 2024

Can Pinhole Glasses Improve Vision?

Are Pinhole Glasses an Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery?   An reader is looking for advice on...

New Oncology Exercise Intervention Research
February 19th 2024

New Oncology Exercise Intervention Research

Beacon Hospital partners with Novartis Ireland in order to open New Oncology Exercise Intervention Research...

Heart Rate Monitoring at the Gym & During Exercise
February 12th 2024

Heart Rate Monitoring at the Gym with Prof Lyne

Heart Rate Monitoring at the Gym with Fitness Wearables   It is becoming increasing popular to track heart...

January 25th 2024

New EU Gastric Cancer Screening Trial at Beacon Hospital

Dr Charlene Deane, Clinical Research Registrar & Special Registrar in Gastroenterology, Hepatology & General...

Achieving New Year's Resolutions, advice from Robert Kelly
January 11th 2024

Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year means a fresh start and is a great opportunity for change, however achieving our New Year’s Resolutions...

Preventing DVT while Travelling
August 30th 2023

Preventing DVT while Travelling with Mr Donagh Healy

How to Prevent and Reduce Risk of DVT While Travelling   The possibility of developing a DVT has an

is Getting a Heart Check worth it
August 18th 2023

Is Getting a Heart Check Worth it? Dr Barton Discusses

Dr Barton Discusses the Benefits of Getting a Heart Check A friend’s recent death due to a sudden heart attack has...

Fitness Tracker High Heart Rate with Professor Robert Kelly
July 6th 2023

Prof Kelly Discusses Fitness Tracker High Heart Rate Warning When at Rest

Fitness Tracker gives warning of High Heart Rate even while at rest   A busy working mom has heart health...

Feeling Mentally Drained & Exhausted Prof Kelly advises
June 26th 2023

Feeling Mentally Drained & Exhausted? Prof Kelly Advises

Feeling Exhausted, Overwhelmed and Mentally Drained A concerned reader of has reached out to our Consultant...