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Potential Glaucoma Advice from Mr Graeme Rogers
March 22nd 2023

Graeme Rogers Advises on Potential Glaucoma

An reader is concerned about the beginnings of potential glaucoma after their pharmacist suggested further...

Anxiety about flying and how to manage
March 17th 2023

Anxiety About Flying with Dr Grant

Anxiety About Flying with Dr Jennifer Grant This week Dr Grant received a question from an individual with anxiety...

February 13th 2023

Prof David Burke Talks to Today FM About Heart Health

Prof David Burke, Director of Cardiology and Consultant Cardiologist here at Beacon Hospital, spoke to Dermot and Dave...

Bowel Cancer Importance of Checking Symptoms Early
November 25th 2022

Bowel Cancer Symptoms: Importance of Checking Early

Niamh Ferry, a patient at Beacon Hospital was on Newstalk’s Hard Shoulder talking to Kieran Cuddihy about her journey...

Emma Cashman with Dermot & Dave
November 21st 2022

Emma Cashman Discusses Ear Health with Dermot & Dave

Our Consultant ENT Surgeon Emma Cashman discusses ear health on TodayFM recently with Dermot and Dave for a Mind...

November 8th 2022

Dr Stephen Frohlich talks to About TSS

Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS, is something we have been hearing about recently due to a celebrity having been diagnosed...

Diastasis Recti Advice by Dr Grant
September 12th 2022

Dr Jennifer Grant on Bloating

Dr Jennifer Grant, Beacon HealthCheck, answers reader questions each week on a number of different...

Severe Knee Pain
August 16th 2022

Severe Knee Pain with Dr Grant

A woman with severe knee pain has contacted Dr Grant for advice. The patient recently had X-rays with her local...

Diastasis Recti Advice by Dr Grant
August 9th 2022

Diastasis Recti Advice by Dr Grant

A woman who had a C-section for her last baby, still feels she looks pregnant 5 years later. She suspects she may have...