June 14th 2023

Assoc Prof Anhar Hassan on Migraine Management & Prevention

Assoc Prof Hassan Advises on Migraine Preparation and Prevention


Image.ie recently had a question for Consultant Neurologist Assoc Prof Anhar Hassan on migraine management and prevention. A reader is seeking advice on how to better prepare or stop migraines as they are having a negative impact on their personal, and professional life.

Migraines are common but can be debilitating with a great impact on our personal life, and days at work and school. If untreated migraine headaches can last from 4 hours, to 2-3 days. Migraine headaches are characterised by throbbing or pounding pain on one side of the head, and are accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and light, sound or smell sensitivity.  Some individuals also experience an “aura” just before the headache.

Assoc Prof Hassan highlights that lifestyle factors such as sleep, diet, regular exercise, stress management and relaxation techniques are important for migraine management. She also covers treatment options for migraines, which include pain relievers, specialised migraine medication and preventive medication.

Assoc Prof Hassan stresses the importance of visiting a doctor for personalised and specific advice. She also recommends beginning a headache diary to track migraines.

Read Assoc Prof Anhar Hassan’s full piece on migraine management and prevention here.