Women’s Health

International Women's Day Celebrations with Jackie Robinson Beacon Hospital
March 11th 2024

International Women’s Day Celebrations

On Friday 8th March, we celebrated International Women’s Day in Beacon Hospital.   On Friday morning our COO...

Bowel Cancer Importance of Checking Symptoms Early
November 25th 2022

Bowel Cancer Symptoms: Importance of Checking Early

Niamh Ferry, a patient at Beacon Hospital was on Newstalk’s Hard Shoulder talking to Kieran Cuddihy about her journey...

November 8th 2022

Dr Stephen Frohlich talks to Image.ie About TSS

Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS, is something we have been hearing about recently due to a celebrity having been diagnosed...

Period Menopause Womens Health Beacon Hospital
June 1st 2022

Dr Oxana Hughes, Consultant Gynaecologist answers reader questions on Image.ie

Dr Oxana Hughes, Consultant Gynaecologist at Beacon Hospital Women's Centre answers a readers question about irregular...

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Vaginal Prolapse
May 19th 2022

Vaginal Prolapse: Dr Grant Discusses on Ask the Dr

Dr Grant Discusses Vaginal Prolapse on Ask the Dr After a recent smear test a woman was told she had vaginal prolapse....

Teenage Daughter suffering from severe period pain
February 23rd 2022

Dr Grant Discusses Severe Period Pain in Teenagers

Is your teen suffering from severe period pain? A worried parent reached out to Dr Grant this week with concerns...

December 22nd 2021

How to Treat Menstrual Migraines with Dr Grant

A concerned parent asks Dr Grant how to help her 12-year-old daughter who is suffering from migraines and nausea during...

December 9th 2021

Dr Grant Answers Concerns About Recurrent UTI

Dr Grant is asked by a concerned patient if the reason she has been suffering from recurrent UTI is vaginal atrophy....