November 25th 2022

Bowel Cancer Symptoms: Importance of Checking Early

Niamh Ferry, a patient at Beacon Hospital was on Newstalk’s Hard Shoulder talking to Kieran Cuddihy about her journey with bowel cancer. Niamh also spoke of the importance of getting symptoms checked early. Last year Niamh was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer at just 40 years of age.

After being successfully treated for bowel cancer, Niamh is speaking out to encourage others to get their symptoms checked. Too often patients ignore symptoms and delay investigating symptoms due to their young age. Niamh’s own experience has led her to bravely promote the importance of getting checked.

Signs of bowel cancer include rectal bleeding continuing for more than six weeks, weight loss, changes in bowel habits to constipation or diarrhoea, looser stool and increased frequency persisting for more than 6 weeks.

Consultant Prof Reza Kalbassi is Clinical Lead of the Endoscopy Department at Beacon Hospital, and continues to monitor Niamh’s condition. There is an increasing number of young adults presenting with bowel cancer in recent years. Prof Kalbassi is keen to encourage people not to dismiss their symptoms and to get checked.

Thank you to Niamh for continuing to raise awareness on bowel cancer. Sharing her own journey encourages others to think carefully about any symptoms they may experience.


Listen here.