December 29th 2021

Top Tips for Cold Weather Exercise by Johanna Doyle

The cold weather makes it hard to continue exercising outdoors in the winter months. Johanna Doyle, Senior...

Karen Thomas Working Life BTS Urology
December 27th 2021

Behind the Scenes – A Day in Urology with Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas, a Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist here in Beacon Hospital, recently spoke to the Irish Examiner about...

December 22nd 2021

Emergency Department Christmas Opening Hours

Please note the below opening hours for the Emergency Department over the Christmas and New Year period. For phone...

December 22nd 2021

Prof Linnane & Dr Sahadevan Discuss Long Covid Findings

Dr Abhilash Sahadevan Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, and Prof Seamus Linnane Consultant in Respiratory and General...

December 22nd 2021

How to Treat Menstrual Migraines with Dr Grant

A concerned parent asks Dr Grant how to help her 12-year-old daughter who is suffering from migraines and nausea during...

Radiotherapy Team Receives Award from VisionRT
December 15th 2021

Our Radiotherapy Team Receives VisionRT Award

Last week Jonathan Rosser from Vision RT called in to present our Radiotherapy team with an award for their use of...

December 9th 2021

Dr Grant Answers Concerns About Recurrent UTI

Dr Grant is asked by a concerned patient if the reason she has been suffering from recurrent UTI is vaginal atrophy....

Doctor holding an image of a heart
December 7th 2021

Dr Barton’s Top Ten Ways to Avoid Heart Disease

Dr David Barton is a Consultant Cardiologist here at Beacon Hospital and he is giving his Top Ten Ways to Avoid Heart...

A middle aged women looks into the mirror and inspects her face and lip
December 3rd 2021

Can a Face Mask Cause a Lip Rash? Dr Grant Discusses

A patient suffering from a rash around her lips is worried this is caused by wearing a face mask. The patient asks Dr...