December 9th 2021

Dr Grant Answers Concerns About Recurrent UTI

Dr Grant is asked by a concerned patient if the reason she has been suffering from recurrent UTI is vaginal atrophy. The patient is in her sixties and was told by a friend that vaginal atrophy may be causing the UTIs and vaginal dryness.

Dr Grant explains that a recurrent UTI is defined as 2 or more UTIs in the space of 6 months, or more than 3 in a year. She also discusses how vaginal atrophy may be a predisposing factor for recurrent UTIs.

Dr Grant tells us of the medical term Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) which also incorporates vaginal atrophy and includes symptoms such as genital dryness, irritation, sexual symptoms, urinary symptoms and UTIs.

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