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Prof Reza Kalbassi discusses Colorectal Symptoms to Know
July 6th 2022

Colorectal Cancer Symptoms to Know

Colorectal Cancer   This week are discussing Colorectal Cancer, following the sad news last week of...

Cold Sore Long Covid Beacon Hospital
June 21st 2022

Prof Seamus Linnane Answers Your Long Covid Questions on

Prof Seamus Linnane, Consultant in General & Respiratory Medicine answers an reader question on Long...

Women with Sinus Issues Holding Decongestant Spray and Tissues
April 14th 2022

Decongestant Spray After Covid with Dr Grant

This week Dr Grant received a question from a concerned patient who is using a decongestant spray after Covid-19. This...

Motivation and Depression - Woman
February 17th 2022

Dr Jennifer Grant Discusses Motivation and Depression

Is low motivation a sign of depression? This week Dr Grant received a question from a concerned woman who wonders if...

January 2nd 2022

Top Tips on Returning to Exercise After Covid-19

Recovery after Covid-19 can take time. Many individuals will hope to get right back into their exercise regimes,...

December 29th 2021

Top Tips for Cold Weather Exercise by Johanna Doyle

The cold weather makes it hard to continue exercising outdoors in the winter months. Johanna Doyle, Senior...

Doctor holding an image of a heart
December 7th 2021

Dr Barton’s Top Ten Ways to Avoid Heart Disease

Dr David Barton is a Consultant Cardiologist here at Beacon Hospital and he is giving his Top Ten Ways to Avoid Heart...

Women with Dry and Gritty Eyes
November 17th 2021

Dr Grant talks Dry & Gritty Eyes

This week Dr Grant is asked about an over the counter remedy for dry and gritty eyes. Dr Grant suspects the patient may...

October 29th 2021

Prof Seamus Morris Answers Questions on Back Pain

Did you know 80% of people suffer from back pain in their lifetime? Prof Morris was on the Hard Shoulder Health...