August 9th 2022

Diastasis Recti Advice by Dr Grant

A woman who had a C-section for her last baby, still feels she looks pregnant 5 years later. She suspects she may have diastasis recti, as her regular exercise is not helping. The patient wants to know what her options are to treat it, and if diastasis recti can lead to more health problems.

Dr Grant first explains rectus abdominis diastasis (RAD) is common in adults. Pregnancy and being overweight are risks for developing the condition. RAD is the abnormally wide distance, usually 2cm, between the two rectus muscles which are on either side of the belly button. During pregnancy the abdominal muscles are stretched and pulled apart, though in most cases they contract to back to normal within two months.


Diastasis Recti Advice

There are no serious health risks from RAD by itself, however if severe enough it may also involve an umbilical or epigastric hernia. A hernia can lead to further health risks which may need surgery.

Before opting for surgery to treat RAD, it is worthwhile considering 6 months of non-invasive treatment and reviewing results.

If you are concerned about any health issues, don’t delay. Visit your GP and get it checked.


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