June 28th 2024

Pride Month Celebrations

June is Pride Month


June is Pride Month and we are celebrating around the hospital! This weekend is the Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride Parade.

Throughout June we had some educational talks for staff from expert guest speakers. These included Gordon from ShoutOut, and David, a Sexual Health Adviser in the HSE. Both were highly informative talks providing useful information for all staff, both clinical and administrative.

Our LGBTQ+ Committee also had a stand as part of our celebrations with educational information for staff, treats and cupcakes. It is so important to show support and solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community. Our goal is to make everyone feel safe, heard and respected regardless of their gender, pronouns or sexual orientation.

Pride Month is a time to come together and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each and every individual. It is also a good opportunity to evaluate how we can continue to make improvements and increase support as we continue to move forward.

Beacon Hospital is a safe space for all and we are proud to shout it out!

Happy Pride Everyone and enjoy the celebrations!