August 16th 2022

Severe Knee Pain with Dr Grant

A woman with severe knee pain has contacted Dr Grant for advice. The patient recently had X-rays with her local GP which came back clear. The woman is an avid gardener and has always used knee pads. Despite this, she can no longer garden with her knee pain.
As the patient is a keen gardener, Dr Grant says it is likely the knee pain is caused by the repetitive strain put on them while gardening. Prepatellar Bursitis (PPB), which can also be known as ‘housemaid’s knee’, can be caused by prolonged kneeling from activities such as gardening.
For PBB, Dr Grant recommends stretching and warming up muscles through yoga or a simple walk before gardening. Muscle strengthening through weight-resistance training will also help relieve symptoms of PBB. These should reduce the patients severe knee pain. 
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