June 16th 2023

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Heart Checked?

Your heart beats 60 to 100 times per minute. It pumps 7,000 litres of blood each day. When was the last time you got your heart checked?


Beacon Hospital’s Rapid Access Cardiology Clinic offers a comprehensive heart assessment with same day results in our state-of-the-art clinic in Sandyford, Dublin 18. Whether you have a family history or would just like to get your heart checked for reassurance, our expert team is here to help!

What Happens During My Heart Check?

Upon arrival, you will be thoroughly assessed by one of our Cardiology Nurse Specialists. A medical history will be taken and any concerns you have will be discussed. After this point, your Cardiology Nurse Specialist and Consultant Cardiologist will decide what tests are required depending on your individual case.

Tests are performed immediately by one of our expert Cardiac Physiologists on Ireland’s most technologically advanced radiology equipment. Tests can include blood tests, stress tests, echocardiogram (Echo), electrocardiogram (ECG) blood pressure monitoring, and Holter monitors. (Please note that not all patients will require all of these tests. Only tests clinically indicated will be performed).

Once all necessary tests have been completed, your Consultant will discuss the results with you along with any advice they may have for your individual case. If any further testing or consultation is required, this will be explained to you at this point and referrals will be arranged.

A report will be sent to your GP following your assessment at Beacon Hospital’s Rapid Access Cardiology Clinic.

How Can I Book My Heart Check?

You can book your Heart Check by simply phoning 01 293 6694. No GP referral is required and appointments are available Monday through Friday.

For more information about our Rapid Access Cardiology Clinic and Consultant Cardiologists, click here.