May 17th 2023

Maurice Neligan Talks ACL Tears with Claire Byrne

ACL tears are common among sports people but can happen to anyone. The ACL is a ligament that sits in the centre of the knee and is important for controlling stability of the knee. The ACL is particularly important in rotational activities evident in many sports.

Mr Maurice Neligan, Director of Orthopaedics & Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon here at Beacon Hospital, spoke to Claire Byrne on RTÉ Radio One to discuss ACL tears.

Mr Neligan also spoke of the symptoms and the possible treatment options for ACL tears. For younger patients and athletes, the typical treatment is reconstruction of the ACL. However, depending on a patient’s activity level and intensity, it can be treated through physiotherapy to strengthen muscles around the knee.

ACL tears are also more common in women than men. There are multiple factors that contribute to this including difference in anatomy. Typically, women have a decreased length and width of the anterior cruciate ligament, different knee geometry, a wider pelvis and less muscle bulk around the knee which all can lead to an increased risk of damaging the ACL. Mr Neligan also discussed the impact of a younger training age and how this contributes to the prevalence of ACL injuries in women.

Listen to the full piece with Maurice Neligan here.