July 6th 2023

Prof Kelly Discusses Fitness Tracker High Heart Rate Warning When at Rest

Fitness Tracker gives warning of High Heart Rate even while at rest


A busy working mom has heart health concerns after her fitness tracker has been warning her of a high heart rate, even when she is at rest. Professor Robert Kelly, Consultant Cardiologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician, is answering her concerns for Image.ie.

Prof Kelly begins by sharing some insightful health questions that can assist the reader in making informed health decisions about her heart. These assessing questions include how her heart feels, if she feels dizzy, or short of breath when her fitness tracker is reading a high heart rate. In the case of this reader, considering her own feelings and situation will allow her to take appropriate action.

Fitness trackers and wearables can provide valuable health data, but when it comes to any health concerns, getting medical expertise is crucial.

Consulting a doctor may lead to medical and diagnostic tests such as an ECG, blood pressure monitor, exercise test or ultrasound. These tests will help to identify any underlying issues.

If there are any contributing lifestyle factors, making adjustments such as healthy eating, reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, regular exercise, prioritising sleep and stress management will significantly benefit heart health. Prof Kelly recommends starting with small steps rather than making big overwhelming changes at once.

Professor Robert Kelly is a Consultant Cardiologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician at Beacon Hospital. You can read Prof Kelly’s full piece and advice here at Image.ie.