Pelvic Floor Exercises for Vaginal Prolapse
May 19th 2022

Vaginal Prolapse: Dr Grant Discusses on Ask the Dr

Dr Grant Discusses Vaginal Prolapse on Ask the Dr After a recent smear test a woman was told she had vaginal prolapse....

Celebrating Nurses Day 2022
May 13th 2022

International Nurses Day 2022!

On Thursday 12th May, we celebrated International Nurses Day 2022!   Every year we celebrate International...

Young Boy with Mask Ready for Returning to School after Covid
April 22nd 2022

Returning to School After Covid, Dr Grant Advises

Dr Grant advises on the process of children returning to school after Covid. A worried parent contacted Dr Grant...

Women with Sinus Issues Holding Decongestant Spray and Tissues
April 14th 2022

Decongestant Spray After Covid with Dr Grant

This week Dr Grant received a question from a concerned patient who is using a decongestant spray after Covid-19. This...

Passion Lives Here - Kilmacud Crokes and Beacon Hospital
March 31st 2022

Passion Lives at Kilmacud Crokes and Beacon Hospital

Passion Lives at Kilmacud Crokes and Beacon Hospital   We are delighted to announce that Beacon Hospital are...

March 14th 2022

Beacon Hospital Stands with Ukraine

Beacon Hospital Stands with Ukraine Beacon Hospital Stands with Ukraine. As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine...

Cardiac Clinical Trial: Prof Jonathan Lyne at Beacon Hospital Cath Lab
February 25th 2022

Beacon Hospital Selected to Participate in Cardiac Clinical Trial

Beacon Hospital together with Professor Jonathan Lyne, Director of Electrophysiology, are delighted to announce that...

Teenage Daughter suffering from severe period pain
February 23rd 2022

Dr Grant Discusses Severe Period Pain in Teenagers

Is your teen suffering from severe period pain? A worried parent reached out to Dr Grant this week with concerns...

Catheter in Beacon Hospital
February 23rd 2022

New Catheter in Beacon Hospital Cath Lab!

Beacon Hospital is delighted to be the first and only hospital in Ireland to use the new Biosense Webster QDOT Micro...