February 23rd 2022

New Catheter in Beacon Hospital Cath Lab!

Beacon Hospital is delighted to be the first and only hospital in Ireland to use the new Biosense Webster QDOT Micro Catheter for cardiac ablation.

Professor Jonathan Lyne, Director of Electrophysiology and Consultant Cardiologist has been using the new QDOT Micro Catheter during his Cath Lab cardiac ablation procedures at Beacon Hospital.

Prof Lyne explains that this new catheter is more powerful than its more traditional counterparts. With this increased power, the procedure becomes more efficient, thus reducing the amount of time patients need to be under a general anaesthetic.

Prof Lyne is the only Consultant in Ireland, and one of only a small handful in Europe and the USA, to be using this cutting-edge piece of equipment.

Thanks to Nicola Hutchison, Aiden Carragher, Anthony Kenny from Biosense Webster.


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