March 14th 2022

Beacon Hospital Stands with Ukraine

Beacon Hospital Stands with Ukraine

Beacon Hospital Stands with Ukraine. As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine continues we have all seen the horrific scenes and impact this is having on the people of Ukraine. As a result lives are being torn apart by violence, displacement, trauma and separation. Tens of thousands of families continue to be displaced and so we decided to start a collection with a designated drop-off point in our Ambulance Bay.

As Beacon Hospital has contacts in Ukraine, as well as contacts in GOAL, the Red Cross, the Ukrainian Embassy and more, we are well connected to arrange transportation of donated items directly to where they are most required. Hence we communicate with our contacts on the ground in Poland and Ukraine daily to see what is most needed as aid at any given time.

So far, we have sent out multiple truckloads of essentials including; medical supplies, food, sleeping bags, hygiene products (personal, feminine, dental), baby products and children’s toys as well as lots of other essentials.

In addition, we have also been collecting funds for donation to the charities working out there on the ground.

How to Help:

Please check out our Ukraine Appeal for further information and the most up-to-date details. For queries, please email [email protected].

To all our Staff, Patients, GPs, Colleagues, Sandyford Business District Neighbours and Community who have donated, thank you.

Finally, please check out some of the amazing stories on how our community Stands with Ukraine.