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Advice for Overnight Patients


Welcome to our Hospital!

In order to make your stay here as comfortable as possible, we would like to inform you of the following:

Preparing for your admission to Beacon Hospital:

If you are asked to fast for a procedure this means that you must not take any food or liquids, INCLUDING WATER, starting at 12 midnight of the day you will be entering the hospital, unless directed by your Consultant. Please ask your consultant regarding the taking of your medications before admission.

Do not bring in personal jewellery or large amounts of money. Please leave these items at home or ask a friend or family member to hold it for you until you are discharged from the hospital. • Remove all make up or nail polish. If you have acrylic, gel or false nails of any type these will need to be removed.

You will need to bring in the following:

A list of any medications that you are on should be brought with you to the hospital. If you have any allergies or reactions at any time to medications please make this known to the nursing staff

  • Toiletries – Night attire such as dressing gown, pyjamas
  • Slippers While in the Beacon Hospital


You can enter the hospital via the main entrance or through the car park both of which are located on Blackthorne Road. Upon entering, please check in at the Information Desk and a receptionist will contact the Admissions Office to begin the process of admitting you.

At this time, in the interest of patient safety, all visiting has been suspended. This is to protect our patients from the risk of COVID-19. We would encourage friends and family members of patients to ‘visit’ them via facetime, whatsapp, video chat or phone. If any patient does not have access to these services please let your nurse know and we will do our best to facilitate same. We thank you for your understanding and apologies for any upset or inconvenience caused.

The discharge time from the Beacon Hospital is at 10am. You may be asked to move to the Patient Lounge at this time to wait for your transport home. As this will be after your operation, you will need to arrange for someone to pick you up.