May 24th 2021

NEW!! Official Opening of Radiology South!

Last week we celebrated the Official Opening of Radiology South! Although the department is already open and...

Headache caused by Painkillers
May 24th 2021

Dr Jennifer Grant on Headaches caused by Painkiller Overuse with

Dr Jennifer Grant, Physician at Beacon Health Check answers your questions about rebound headaches on

May 19th 2021

Patient Referrals via HealthMail

As you are aware due to the ongoing HSE cybersecurity breach, HealthLink is currently down. Beacon Hospital would ask...

May 19th 2021

Karen Thomas, Urology CNS Talks Bladder Cancer on Newstalk

Did you know that Bladder Cancer is the 10th most common cancer in the world? Karen Thomas, Urology Clinical Nurse...

May 12th 2021

Happy International Nurses Day 2021

Today we celebrated International Nurses Day! Each year we celebrate this day to thank our nurses for all that they...

Doctor examining Spider Vein on leg, Beacon Hospital
May 11th 2021

Spider Veins: Dr Grant discusses on Ask the Doctor with

This week, Dr Grant was asked about spider or varicose veins. Dr Grant confirmed that spider veins are more common as...

Asthma in Ireland, Beacon Hospital
May 6th 2021

Prof Seamus Linnane discusses Asthma on Newstalk FM with Kieran Cuddihy.

Professor Seamus Linnane spoke to Kieran Cuddihy about asthma on The Hard Shoulder as part of Asthma Awareness Week. ...

April 21st 2021

Mr Turlough O’Donnell on Rotator Cuff Injury, Joint Pain & Joint Injections: Newstalk FM

Mr Turlough O'Donnell, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, talks to Newstalk about joint pain and rotator cuff pain. Mr...

April 14th 2021

Prof Reza Kalbassi talks Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) on Newstalk.

Prof Reza Kalbassi, Consultant in Colorectal, General and Minimally Invasive Surgery here at Beacon Hospital, spoke...