June 20th 2021

Dr Grant Encourages Men to Visit their GP on TodayFM

This week is International Men’s Health Week and Dr Grant, GP at Beacon Hospital HealthCheck spoke to Dermot and Dave on TodayFM about the importance of visiting your GP.

Unfortunately, Irish men tend to avoid going to the doctor to get things checked. If you ignore symptoms and avoid the GP, this can lead to late diagnosis for what could have been an easily treated or prevented condition if it had been identified earlier.

Discussing this with Dermot and Dave, Dr Grant recommends regular GP check ups, and looking after your general health and wellbeing through a balanced diet, exercise, staying active, always wearing sun cream and monitoring your health through your blood pressure or cholesterol.

This Men’s Health Week, we are reminding Irish men that it is vital to get symptoms checked, visit your GP, and look after your general health.

Listen to Dr Grant’s advice in full here.