September 24th 2021

Golfing Injury Prevention & Performance; Conor Gavin

Having an effective golfing physical preparedness routine in place can help people through removing the physical...

Beacon Hospital Ask the Doctor
September 21st 2021

Swollen Hands in the Heat or Post Exercise? Dr Jennifer Grant

Dr Jennifer Grant, Consulting Physician here at Beacon HealthCheck, answers your questions on This...

Beacon Hospital Emergency Department
September 8th 2021

Emergency Department by Appointment Only

Continued strong demand for access to our Emergency Department is resulting in excessive delays for patients. In the...

August 9th 2021

Dr Grant Discusses Folliculitis After Waxing

A reader has asked Dr Grant for advice, after he recently had his back waxed for the first time and is experiencing a...

August 4th 2021

Dr Jennifer Grant Talks Hay Fever and Antihistamines

This week Dr Grant discusses hay fever and antihistamines which can alleviate hay fever symptoms. A patient asks Dr...

July 26th 2021

Dr Jennifer Grant Discusses HPV on

Dr Grant, Physician at Beacon HealthCheck, discusses the HPV virus (human papillomavirus). This week, a patient asks Dr...

July 19th 2021

Independent Review: Statement and Findings

Statement on behalf of the Non-Executive Directors of the Board of Beacon Hospital Independent Review of the...

July 19th 2021

Dr Jennifer Grant Discusses Symptoms of Shingles

A patient in their 60s asks Dr Grant what may be the cause behind sores on his scalp and head. Dr Grant informs that...

Man struggling with breathing Post Covid
July 19th 2021

Prof Seamus Linnane Speaks About Long Lasting Affects of Covid-19

Prof Seamus Linnane spoke to Eilish O’Regan from the Irish Independent about the long lasting affects of Covid-19....