July 19th 2021

Prof Seamus Linnane Speaks About Long Lasting Affects of Covid-19

Prof Seamus Linnane spoke to Eilish O’Regan from the Irish Independent about the long lasting affects of Covid-19. Many people are still struggling with symptoms of long Covid months after their initial diagnosis of Covid-19.

Prof Linnane, Consultant in Respiratory & General Internal Medicine and Deputy Medical Director of Beacon Hospital, founded Beacon Hospital’s Post Covid Clinic in March 2021.

Long Covid has a wide range of symptoms, but so far, the most common have been fatigue, breathlessness, sleep disturbance, chest pain and anxiety. The majority of long Covid cases are seen in individuals who had a mild case of Covid-19 that was managed at home. Those aged 25-55 are the majority of those suffering with long Covid.

You can read the full article here.