June 18th 2021

Dr Robert Kelly on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome with Newstalk

This week Dr Robert Kelly, Consultant Cardiologist and Lifestyle Medicine here at Beacon Hospital, joined Kieran Cuddihy on Newstalk to speak about Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

The events last weekend with Christian Erikson collapsing at the Euro’s due to cardiac arrest has shown the importance of awareness and health screening.

Dr Kelly gave some important and practical information for families and individuals under 30 in particular. The important thing to first consider is you should get checked if you have a family history of SADS. If you or your children play sport and get light headed or pass out, have had a seizure, chest pains or palpitations particularly when exercising you should also get checked.

At Beacon Hospital the Rapid Access Cardiology Clinic (RACC) is a service to check these situations. Here some at risk individuals can be identified through tests such as an ECG, ultrasound or stress test.

Listen to Dr Kelly’s advice and information on SADS in full here.