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Early Detection is vital to beating cancer

At Beacon Hospital, we understand the importance of early diagnosis when it comes to the most successful treatment of Cancers and Heart problems. If you have a family history of these issues or notice any unexplained changes in your body we recommend going to see your GP, who may refer you for additional testing, without delay.

Beacon Hospital’s newly increased capacity along with our advanced Radiology Department offering cutting edge diagnostic technology (MRI, CT X-ray etc) ensure that we can get you seen in the most efficient and time effective manner. If you are concerned please visit your GP who will be able to refer you for rapid assessment.

Some of our Departments and Services include:


Beacon Hospital also offers a fully comprehensive HealthCheck health screening program. HealthCheck takes a maximum of just 4 hours and provides you with same day results. For more in depth information on Beacon HealthCheck CLICK HERE.

No GP referral is needed for Beacon Healthcheck. To make an appointment for your HealthCheck call us on 01 293 6090 or email healthcheck@beaconhospital.ie

*This is not intended to replace National Screening Programs. We strongly recommend that all members of the population take part in the relevant National Screening Programs as recommended. However, any changes noticed in your body should be checked. In this event, we recommend visiting your GP, who may in turn refer you on for additional examination.