Beacon Hospital’s Psychology Department provides psychological support and advice to adults, adolescents and children. Patients can be referred to the Psychology Department by their treating consultant or multidisciplinary team members in Beacon Hospital.

Adult Service

Psychologists in our adult service provide support primarily to patients of the hospital who are experiencing distress related to their physical health issues.

When receiving treatment for physical health issues, it is normal to feel some distress. This can include worry, anger, grief, and low mood. However, for some people this impact can be significant, affecting their day-to-day functioning, and in some cases hindering their treatment and recovery.

This can include:

  • Adjustment to a life-changing diagnosis
  • Anxiety or low mood related to the impact of medical issues
  • Questions about self-identity and life post-diagnosis
  • Issues from the past which are triggered by a new illness
  • Advice on lifestyle, positive habits, and managing negative thoughts
  • Issues related to mortality or end of life

Child and Adolescent Service

Psychologists in our Child and Adolescent service provide evaluation, advice, therapeutic support and group interventions to school-age children and adolescents from the age of 5 to 18 years. Patients must be referred by their treating team in Beacon Hospital.

Some of the reasons for referral to our service might be:

  • Behavioural issues and parenting advice
  • Mental health issues, including anxiety (separation anxiety, social anxiety, school refusal, OCD, tic disorder etc.) and low mood
  • Relationship difficulties with family or with friendship groups
  • Adjustment to a traumatic event or bereavement

Please note that we do not offer an assessment service.

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