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Welcome to the Beacon Hospital Oncology Department

The hospital offers the complete range of services in Oncology including Cancer Care, Diagnostics, Surgery, Medical and Radiation Oncology, all delivered by highly qualified caring professionals in one central location.

Beacon Cancer Centre

the patient is at the centre of all we do. Our mission is to provide holistic oncology care in a safe, comfortable, calm environment that offers all of the benefits of our state of the art technology. Our institution provides the full range of cancer services so that patients do not have to leave the Beacon Campus for any oncology treatment whether it be oncology surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, scans, or alternative therapies provided by the Beacon Cancer Support Services. We provide Medical Oncology Consultant delivered care that utilizes international standards of best practice. The patients that we see include: • Patients in whom a malignancy (cancer) is confirmed • Patients in whom a malignancy (cancer) is suspected and further investigation is needed • Patients who have been lost to follow up who carry a cancer diagnosis Our nursing model called relationship based care enables nurses to establish caring relationships with patients and their families. Our aim is to individually prepare and support each patient and family through the treatment process using our professional experience as well as our skills of communication, sensitivity, humour and honesty. Our patient’s are the focus at the Beacon Cancer Centre. This is the philosophy that guides our actions and our clinical decisions.

Medical Oncology

Your first treatment Before you start your treatment you will be contacted by a member of our oncology team to work with you to set a date to start your chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or novel therapy. When you arrive at the Beacon go to the day admissions office on the ground floor. There are trained clerical staff who will attend to you. They will then direct you to the Beacon Cancer Centre on the 2nd floor. If this is your first visit to the unit you will be seen by the Consultant Medical Oncologist or the Nurse and any treatment will be discussed with you. A relative or friend can accompany you for this visit. Please feel free to take them in with you. The entire process may take some time. It is best to allow a day for your first treatment visit. You can eat and drink as normal before your appointment unless notified by the oncology team. What to bring with you It is helpful to have the following when you arrive: • Name, address and phone number of the GP. • Name, address and phone number of your local chemist. • A list of any tablets or medicines you are taking, and any drug allergies. Waiting to be seen We try to ensure that you are seen at your appointment time. However, the time you spend with you doctor or nurse may vary according to your needs and occasionally can mean slight delays. You may be asked to come in the day before your treatment for a clinical review and a blood test. The treatment The term chemotherapy may refer to traditional single or multi-drug regimens to treat your cancer, or it may refer to new immunotherapies or novel therapies. Chemotherapy can be given by mouth, as a short injection, via a pump or as an infusion (drip) over several hours. A team of trained chemotherapy nurses will give you your chemotherapy and explain the treatment and possible side effects. They will assess your needs on each visit. They will also give you an information card about your chemotherapy and a contact number. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about treatment and side effects. Each person has their own way of dealing with cancer and its treatment. If you need to see a district nurse, social worker, counsellor or dietician, the nurses can make a referral. Support Beacon Support Centre located on the Beacon Campus is a medically directed treatment centre. It provides a wide range of support including complementary therapies, counselling, drop in service and relaxation therapies. The Centre provides a tremendous benefit to patients who are dealing with cancer. Beacon Hospital Cancer Centre offers a wide range of treatment options, including Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). IMRT is a state-of-the-art treatment that delivers radiation to tumours with greater accuracy and precision. Images taken using Computed Tomography (CT) scans, Positron Emission Tomography/ CT (PET/CT) scans or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), enable your team to accurately visualise the location of the tumour and surrounding healthy tissue. Using IMRT, the radiation beam can then be shaped specifically to the contour of the active cancerous site, sparing adjacent healthy tissue from unnecessary radiation exposure. IMRT leads to fewer side effects, shorter healing times and the potential for higher cure rates. In addition to IMRT, the Beacon Cancer Centre has the capability to provide Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). Due to normal body movements such as breathing, tumours can move slightly in the body, both during a radiation treatment session and also between sessions. If these changes in position move the tumour out of the planned range of the radiation beam, the tumour may not receive the full amount of radiation that it should or normal tissues may receive more radiation than it ideally should. IGRT is an advanced treatment that allows the position of the tumour to be monitored precisely during irradiation using state of the art imaging devices attached to the treatment machine. This allows the synchronized delivery of radiation with the patient’s respiratory cycle in real time, leading to increased treatment precision. Support At Beacon Hospital Cancer Centre, we recognise that patient information and support services form a vital part of the patient’s treatment and recovery process. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach in order to meet the physical and emotional, needs of patients and their families. Our services include: • Nutritional advice • Physiotherapy • Psychological and counselling services • Support group

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