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Back Clinic and Rehabilitation Programme

Beacon Hospital’s Back Clinic and Back Rehab Programme provides patients suffering from back pain with treatment in the area of back pain management from physiotherapy to surgery.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Clinical Specialists treat patients presenting with lower back pain and when necessary, patients will be referred to one of the hospital’s Consultant Spinal Surgeons to conduct a surgical or medical review.

The Back Clinic and Rehabilitation Programme at Beacon Hospital provides patients with comprehensive medical and holistic treatments for back pain whilst providing on-site Consultant evaluation when required. As part of the well-established physiotherapy department in Beacon Hospital, this dedicated programme enables our Physiotherapists to better cater for those suffering with back problems.

The Back Rehab Programme is a four-week exercise programme that focuses on developing normal movement through an aerobic and strengthening programme.

Key Aspects of the Programme include:

• Building strength, stability and suppleness of  ‘core muscles’
• Cardiovascular fitness

Our treatments enable patients to carry out everyday activities with stability, control and most importantly become pain free. The four-week course also deals with the important task of learning to reduce stress and tension in the body, a factor sometimes forgotten by the patient.

Current guidelines recommend patients with back pain be encouraged to be as active as possible. Many patients are afraid of reinjuring themselves and often believe that if movement hurts they may be causing greater damage. Patients who have been cleared for any serious back condition and who present with non specific, or generalised low back pain need to be given clear reassurance and encouragement to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

The full diagnostic service available at the Back Clinic enables us to deal with all stages of back pain, muscular complaints, disc involvement or other more severe problems that may require surgical expertise.

Contact Information

To make an appointmet, or if you have any queries, please call:

Tel: 01 293 6692
Email: physiotherapy@beaconhospital.ie