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Infection Control

Welcome to the Beacon Hospital Infection Control Department

The hospital’s goal is to be a ‘beacon of excellence’ in the Irish healthcare setting.

The challenge for healthcare practitioners today is to prevent healthcare associated infections. Infection prevention and control play a key role in attaining this goal.
Beacon Hospital has a team of Infection Control professionals led by Consultant Microbiologists available 24 hours to provide expert advice and guidance to the staff, assuring you are in a safe hospital environment.
If you have any questions regarding infection control while in the hospital, the Infection Control Nurse is available Monday through Friday to speak with you or your family. The Infection Control Department provides the following services:
  • Infection Management
  • Infection Surveillance
  • Antimicrobial Advice
  • Staff Education
There are certain things that you as a patient can do in order to further reduce the risk of infection:
Handwashing is the most important method of preventing the spread of infection.
  • If you are ever worried that someone has forgotten to wash their hands, it’s ok to remind them. It is important for you to wash your hands as well, especially after using the toilet and before touching your operation site. Don’t forget to remind your visitors to wash their hands or use the disinfecting gel when visiting you.
  • In an effort to stop the spread of hospital acquired infections your Admitting Nurse may ask your permission to obtain swabs from your nose and skin. It may be necessary to repeat these during your stay with us. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.
  • If you have, or have had a hospital acquired infection in the past such as MRSA, please inform your Admitting Nurse.
  • Depending on your planned procedure you may be asked to shower with a disinfectant soap.
  • When in a shared room, ensure that you use the individual towels supplied for your personal use and keep them separate from the other patient.
  • Ask friends or family who have colds, stomach bugs or other infections not to visit.
  • We would like to ask your visitors not to sit on your bed or on other patients beds.
With these few basic reminders, together we can keep Beacon Hospital a safe environment for everyone.

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