Infection Prevention Control

At Beacon Hospital we pride ourselves on our exceptional standards of Infection Prevention Control (IPC).

Our IPC team is led by Lenora Leonard, Head of IPC. The team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer support and guidance to our clinical staff ensuring that you are in the safest of hands.

The challenge for healthcare professionals today is to prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections, HAIs. IPC plays a major role in this regard and we are privileged to be in the position to say our team excels in this area. 

If you have any questions about our IPC while you are in Beacon Hospital, one of our Infection Prevention Control Nurses is available to meet with patients or their families Monday to Friday. Our IPC Department provides the following services:

  • Infection Management
  • Infection Surveillance (National & International Surveillance Programmes)
  • Antimicrobial Advice
  • Continued Staff Education
  • Best Cleaning Practice Advice

There are certain things that you, as a patient, can do to further reduce the risk of infection. Handwashing is the single most effective method of preventing the spread of germs. 

  • Ask: If you are concerned that someone has forgotten to wash their hands, it is ok to ask them! This applies not only to hospital staff but also to any visitors you may have. You should also ensure to wash your own hands regularly, paying special attention after using the restroom or touching your wound site.
  • Swabs: As part of a screening programme, your nurse may request to take swabs from your nose or skin, a rectal swab or a sample of faeces with your verbal consent within the first 24 hours following admission to Beacon Hospital.  It is important to cooperate with your nurse and allow these swabs to be taken. This is for your protection, and the protection of our other patients.
  • If you have, or have ever had in the past, a hospital acquired infection such as MRSA, you must tell your nurse. 
  • Depending on your procedure, you may need to use a special disinfectant soap when showering. If this applies to you, your nurse will give you this soap.
  • If admitted to a shared room, it is important to ensure to keep your towels separate to those of the other patient sharing your bathroom. Towels are not interchangeable and should not be shared.
  • Ask family members or friends not to visit you if they have recently been suffering from a cold, flu, stomach bug or other illness which may be contagious. 
  • Please ask your visitors not to sit on your bed, or any other beds in your room. Visitors must only sit in the chairs provided for their use. 

With these few simple steps and reminders, we can continue to keep Beacon Hospital a very safe environment for our patients, staff and visitors!

Hand Hygiene