Beacon Hospital’s award-winning Housekeeping team strives to maintain the most exceptional standards of cleanliness throughout our facilities. Our team work around the clock completing duties in every corner of the hospital to ensure we continue to pass the most vigorous of hygiene audits. 

Our housekeeping team works closely with our Infection Prevention Control (IPC) team in determining the best products and methods to minimise the risk of spread of infection through surface contact. Frequently touched surfaces are cleaned multiple times throughout the day, these include door handles (where not automatic), lift buttons, toilet facilities and stair rails amongst others. 

Patient rooms are thoroughly disinfected between each patient. This includes every surface from the floors and walls to the furniture, bed frame an en suite facility. 

Areas such as our Emergency Department receive regular ‘fogging’ after the housekeeping team have cleaned the area by hand. Fogging works by closing off all access to an area and using a special machine which fills the room with a hydrogen peroxide based ‘fog’. This vapour gets in the smallest of nooks and crannies to ensure they are thoroughly disinfected.

Our housekeeping team receive regular and ongoing education from our IPC Department in ways to adapt to new threats to sanitisation such as the arrival of Covid-19 to Ireland. 

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