Beacon Hospital Research Institute

Paving the way for new treatments and technologies in the field of medicine, surgery and allied therapies.

It has long been accepted that research active hospitals help develop clinicians and improve patient care. It’s also one of the main drivers in providing evidence-based improved treatment and care options for patients.

With this in mind, in 2019 under the auspices of Beacon Hospital, the Beacon Hospital Research Institute was formed. The BHRI held its inaugural meeting in June 2019 which oversaw the appointment of its Board of Directors. The BHRI will be led by Director of Research, Beacon Hospital Chief of Cardiology, Associate Professor David Burke. Prof Burke will be supported by his renowned colleague and Beacon Hospital Medical Director Prof Mark Redmond.

By conducting novel, high quality, multi-disciplinary research we will continue to deliver evidence-based medicine and improved treatment options to our patients.

Our goal over the next several years is to establish Beacon Hospital as a “research-led” hospital which delivers research that positively impacts patients and their journey with us.

We carry out research and clinical trails in a number of areas such as the ones listed below. Click to visit the Beacon Hospital Research Institute website.

Research Themes

  • Allied Therapies Research

  • Cardiology Research

  • General Medical Research

  • Oncology and Radiotherapy Research

  • Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine Research

  • Surgical Services Research

Beacon Hospital Research Institute