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Preparation for your Colonoscopy - Picolax


Picolax bowel preparation

Picolax is a special powder you will take before your colonoscopy.

Picolax comes in a box containing 2 sachets.

The Day Before Your Test
You may have a light breakfast (e.g. tea and toast) at 08.00hrs. No further solid food should be taken after breakfast.

Drink clear fluids for the duration of the day along with your bowel prep.
Clear fluids include water, 7-up, fruit juice without pulp, black tea or coffee (no milk or sugar) and jelly.

Avoid red or purple coloured fruit juice and jelly as these can cause discolouration of the lining of the bowel.

You should commence your bowel prep as prescribed at 12 midday.

Mix the 1st sachet in a standard sized mug (250mls) of cold water and stir well. The solution may heat up with vigorous stirring. Drink the glass of solution over 15 minutes.

Drinking the solution ice cold also makes the prep more palatable.

Make sure to drink plenty of clear fluids to prevent dehydration and keep hunger pangs at bay. This will also make the prep work more effectively.

You may experience some crampy abdominal (stomach) pains or nausea but these symptoms will improve once you start passing bowel motions.

It may take 1 to 2 hours before you start passing bowel motions. Stay close to toilet facilities. It is advised that you take the afternoon off from work.

Take the 2nd sachet of Picolax at 18.00 hrs (6pm).

You must repeat mixing 1 sachet in 250 mls of water for a total of 2 sachets.

It is very important to complete all of the prep otherwise the procedure cannot be performed effectively.

Vaseline or Sudocream can be applied around the back passage to prevent or soothe any discomfort.

The Day of Your Test
You must not eat or drink after 12 midnight until after your colonoscopy.