Teenage Daughter suffering from severe period pain
February 23rd 2022

Dr Grant Discusses Severe Period Pain in Teenagers

Is your teen suffering from severe period pain? A worried parent reached out to Dr Grant this week with concerns...

Catheter in Beacon Hospital
February 23rd 2022

New Catheter in Beacon Hospital Cath Lab!

Beacon Hospital is delighted to be the first and only hospital in Ireland to use the new Biosense Webster QDOT Micro...

February 21st 2022

Watch: This is Modern Medicine

Beacon Hospital is one Europe's most technologically advanced hospitals. With over 300 Consultants and 1700 medical...

Motivation and Depression - Woman
February 17th 2022

Dr Jennifer Grant Discusses Motivation and Depression

Is low motivation a sign of depression? This week Dr Grant received a question from a concerned woman who wonders if...

Findings on Long Covid From the Post Covid Clinic
February 15th 2022

Findings on Long Covid from the Post Covid Clinic

Last month the Oireachtas Library and Research Service published a research paper estimating 114,500 people in Ireland...

January 31st 2022

Covid-19 Restrictions In Place in Beacon Hospital

Covid-19 restrictions are still in place in Beacon Hospital   Please note that Covid-19 restrictions will...

Beacon Limerick
January 13th 2022

Beacon Limerick Career Opportunities

Beacon Limerick Career Opportunities Exciting Career opportunities for nurses, GPs, physiologists and radiographers in...

January 2nd 2022

Top Tips on Returning to Exercise After Covid-19

Recovery after Covid-19 can take time. Many individuals will hope to get right back into their exercise regimes,...

December 29th 2021

Top Tips for Cold Weather Exercise by Johanna Doyle

The cold weather makes it hard to continue exercising outdoors in the winter months. Johanna Doyle, Senior...