August 28th 2023

JAG Re-accreditation for our Endoscopy Department

Congratulations to our Endoscopy team on their recent JAG re-accreditation!

Our Endoscopy Department recently received JAG re-accreditation. We have maintained this annual accreditation since 2018, when we were one of the first private hospitals to achieve JAG accreditation.

Each year our Endoscopy Department undergoes assessment from the Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy (JAG). JAG accreditation is a widely known international endoscopy gold standard, founded and implemented from the UK.

The assessment involves evaluating the quality of our clinical services by inspecting our department and team against quality framework. The assessment standards cover clinical quality, patient experience, workforce and training.

In accordance with JAG, assessing these four key areas ensure endoscopy services continually improve both the quality and safety of the care provided to patients, develop strong focus on ensuring patients have a positive experience, provide excellent training and development opportunities for all staff and continue to uphold a safe and comfortable environment for patients and staff.