Welcome to Beacon Hospital A&E/Emergency Department

Beacon Hospital’s consultant led A&E Department is open to those over the age of 16 years and is supported by the full resources of the hospital including 875 skilled nurses and healthcare professionals and 300 specialist consultants.

Phone: 01 293 9999

A&E / Emergency Department Support

Our Emergency Department and A&E is a purpose designed facility in Dublin’s most advanced hospital. Our Consultants in Emergency Medicine have the support of the full resources of the hospital including 875 skilled nurses and healthcare professionals, 300 specialist consultants and the following:

  • Laboratory
  • State of the Art Radiology service with access to X-ray, MRI, CT, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, PET/CT, Ultrasound, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine.
  • Physiotherapy – full team of chartered Physiotherapists
  • Pharmacy
  • Investigations and Diagnostics
  • Nursing support from our experienced team
  • Stitching and Casting
  • Theatre and ICU
  • Sports Medicine Services

Opening Hours

  • 10am to 7pm: Monday – Friday
  • 10am to 6pm: Saturday
  • Closed: Sunday & Bank Holidays

Most importantly – surgical, medical, cardiology, orthopaedic and sub speciality beds are available for patients requiring admission*. A full range of outpatient clinics is available on site for follow-up. As a Consultant-delivered service, Beacon Hospital A&E will treat most emergency conditions. 

*Bed allocation is based on clinical priority and availability.

Beacon Hospital Emergency Department / A&E provides access to our Minor Surgical Procedures service carried out by Consultant General Surgeons. Such procedures include cyst removal, lesion removal, toenail avulsion and wedge resection, diagnostic biopsy.

Beacon Hospital has an Emergency Department Initial Charge Consultation Fee of €160.

There is a cap on Emergency Department / A&E fees of €560* for outpatient services. Please note that some exclusions may apply.

– ESB/POMAS/GARDA do not reimburse Emergency Department Fees.

Please note your insurance is only activated at the point of admission to hospital. Patients are liable for all charges prior to this Initial Charge Emergency Department Fee of €160. Please note that there is an additional €40 admission charge on top of the Consultation Fee for those patients admitted to hospital.

  • Review Fee €90
  • Application of a Cast €90
  • Sutures (includes ED fee & X-ray if required) €325
  • Dislocation of Joint (MUA) €325-995
  • Wrist Splint €18
  • Spirometer €5
Specialist Consultations These are charged by the Specialist Consultant separate to the hospital Emergency Department Fees. Please ask Emergency Department staff regarding charges before Specialist Consultation
Routine Blood Test €30 – €60
Specialised Blood Test Prices available on request
Repeat dressing €30
X-Ray  €120
Ultrasound €180 – 245
CT Scan €360*
MRI   without Contrast – €350 – with Contrast – €417
Cost of MRI can be charged directly to VHI/ Irish Life/ Laya/ ESB where ordered by your ED Consultant. Please ask to sign an Insurance Claim Form.
Vascular Ultrasound  Self-pay cost €245
Cost of Vascular Ultrasound can be directly covered by VHI/ Irish Life/ Laya/ ESB where ordered by your ED Consultant. Please ask to sign an Insurance Claim Form.
* CT Scan ordered by ED has direct settlement form Irish Life/ Laya/ ESB health insurance. Any other policy holders should check with their provider as your policy may reimburse you for a portion of fees paid.
Physiotherapy Consultation  First consultation: €75 for 45 minutes / €50 for 30 minutes
 Crutches   €15 for standard size / €20 for other size crutches
 Walking Boot  €130
 Knee Brace   €150
 Spinal Brace  €170
Please note all patients are liable for emergency room fees. Insurance companies may reimburse some costs claimed through the out-patient rule but reimbursement is subject to individual policy excesses.

Which patients we can see:

We welcome walk-in patients, and we also offer GPs a phone triage system from 10am to 7pm Monday – Friday (for following day appointments where suitable) and all day Saturday (10am-6pm). We will also provide a same day discharge letter for all patients referred to us by GPs. If you have any questions, please phone the Emergency Department on  01 2939 999.

Which patients we cannot treat:

  • Children under 16 years
  • Patients with acute psychiatric conditions
  • Obstetric patients

As Beacon Hospital is not a public hospital, it will not take public ambulance traffic. There is a cap on Emergency Department fees of €560* for outpatient services. *Please note some exclusions may apply, the admin staff will be able to advise you if any may apply.