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Early Detection is Vital

Many cancers are curable if caught early and at Beacon Hospital, we understand the importance of early diagnosis when it comes to the most successful treatment of Cancers.

If you have a family history of cancer or notice any unexplained changes in your body we recommend going to see your GP, who may refer you for additional testing, without delay.

At Beacon Hospital we have doubled the size our Endoscopy Unit so you can be seen within 72 hours of GP referral. This new state of the art Endoscopy Unit is equipped with the very latest high-tech equipment to enhance diagnostic quality and comfort for the patient. Our doubled capacity high quality Consultant led service has no waiting times so you can get a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Should your GP refer you for endoscopy it will allow a Specialist Consultant to visually examine one, or more, of your internal organs. The endoscope has a camera with lighting system which allows your Consultant to see any potential problems clearly. The camera feeds a screen in the Endoscopy Suite which allows your Consultant to see exactly what the endoscope sees.

Beacon Hospital also offer an advanced Radiology Department with cutting edge diagnostic technology (MRI, CT, X-ray etc). Only this month Beacon Hospital welcomed the arrival of one of the most technologically advanced MRI scanners which provides higher quality scans, exceptional patient comfort, faster and quieter scanning and a wider table and easy access.

If you want to take a proactive approach to your health we offer Beacon HealthCheck which is a comprehensive health screening programme for both men and women. It is Irelands only health screening programme delivering same day results. You will be tended to by an experienced multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals, all with access to the latest in diagnostic technology. Our screening tests are designed to assist with identifying and reducing life altering health risks such as Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer and Diabetes. Following your Beacon HealthCheck our experts will provide you with the recommendations necessary to achieve a healthier lifestyle. You will leave with a full understanding of your health requirements and any lifestyle changes which may be needed. HealthCheck takes a maximum of just 4 hours and provides you with same day results. For more in depth information on Beacon HealthCheck CLICK HERENo GP referral is needed for Beacon Healthcheck. To make an appointment for your HealthCheck call us on 01 293 6090 or email healthcheck@beaconhospital.ie

Beacon Hospital is one of the most advanced hospital in Europe with over 300 specialised consultants, 1,100 staff, 200 beds, an 8 bedded Intensive Care Unit, 9 operating theatres and an Emergency Department. We also have the following specialised units – Rapid Access Cardiology Unit, Urology Unit, Oncology Unit, Endoscopy Unit, Radiology Unit, Orthopaedic Unit, our Women’s Centre and Beacon for Kids.

If you are concerned please visit your GP who will be able to refer you for rapid assessment.

For more information please see our services below.

HealthCheck is not intended to replace National Screening Programs. We strongly recommend that all members of the population take part in the relevant National Screening Programs as recommended. However, any changes noticed in your body should be checked. In this event, we recommend visiting your GP, who may in turn refer you on for additional examination.