Beacon Hospital Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department’s mission is to ensure the safe, effective and economical use of medications in Beacon Hospital.

Our Pharmacy team consists of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and support personnel, who work together to assure patients at Beacon receive the highest quality Pharmaceutical care. This is augmented by robust Medication Management technology systems, Pyxis® dispensing system and electronic prescribing systems, thus ensuring the safe use of medications for patients.

The Hospital Drugs & Therapeutics Committee (DTC) provides overall governance of the medication use processes at Beacon Hospital. Governance is shared by the three key disciplines – Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy. At Beacon Medicines Governance takes a process-driven approach. The DTC meets 4 times per year to review medication use processes such as: Formulary Issues, Financial Accountability, Medication Safety, and Medication Process Issues.

As part of the hospital’s JCI accreditation programme, the Pharmacy Department oversees the Medication Management processes ensuring that standards comply with JCI requirements.

Opening Hours

  • Monday
    08:00 - 17:00
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Dispensary information

Our dispensary service facilitates medicines procurement, distribution of medicines to clinical areas, non-aseptic (extemporaneous) compounding and dispensing services for in-patients, day-case patients, patients attending the emergency department, and clinical trial medications.

Clinical Services Information

Our Clinical Pharmacists work at ward level, as part of a multi-disciplinary team, delivering Pharmaceutical care to patients. The Clinical Pharmacy Service incorporates;

  • Obtaining an accurate history of the patient’s pre-admission medication
  • Reconciling the medications prescribed for patients during their inpatient stay,
  • Medication review and monitoring of therapy during inpatient stay,
  • Sourcing of unusual medicines and the provision of education on drug therapy.

Clinical pharmacists promote the safe, effective and economical use of medicines by providing up-to-date and accurate information and advice to healthcare professionals within the hospital.

Pharmacy Aseptic Unit

Beacon Hospital operates a busy Cancer service and the Pharmacy Department plays an important role in the delivery of chemotherapy treatment to patients.

The department operates an Aseptic Compounding Unit (ACU) where injectable chemotherapy and biologic preparations for patients are prepared. The ACU is equipped with modern isolator technology in a cleanroom environment. A comprehensive validation programme for staff and equipment is in place, according to international guidelines.

Our Aseptic Unit Team of Pharmacists and Technicians work closely with our Oncology Consultants and Nursing staff to ensure the safe and efficient supply of treatment to our patients. Pharmacy also provide a Clinical Oncology service and are involved in the development of protocols, policies and procedures that underpin the safe administration of chemotherapy for patients.

Pharmacy Services in the Hospital

  • Clinical Trial Service Provision

    The Pharmacy Clinical Trial service aims to optimise patient outcomes by working to achieve the best quality use of investigational medicinal products (IMPs).

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship

    The Pharmacy promote the appropriate use of antimicrobials, such as antibiotics, throughout the hospital and work to ensure that they are prescribed safely and cost-effectively.

  • Medication Safety Management

    An integral part of Beacon’s Medication Safety Committee, Pharmacy help foster a safety culture among the medical, nursing and pharmacy staff.

    At Beacon we operate a non-punitive system of reporting of incidents and near misses in the hospital with a view to learning from being open about errors and taking preventive action against future harm. A high level of reporting is indicative of a positive safety culture. Furthermore, risks can be identified from international medication safety groups such as the Institute of Safe Medication Practice (ISMP), from networking with other hospitals through the Irish Medication Safety Network (IMSN) or from locally reported incidents.

Education and Research

Teaching and Research are an essential part of our role. We are affiliated to the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at RCSI. We provide teaching and tutoring to undergraduate pharmacy students from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, as well as experiential learning placements for undergraduate students via APPEL.

We also offer in-house educational programmes for nursing staff and provide tutoring, lecturing and clinical training for postgraduate courses. A comprehensive continuous education service is provided to undergraduate and post-graduate pharmacists. Clinical pharmacists also contribute to in-house educational programmes for nursing and medical staff.

Information for Patients

If you are admitted to Beacon, our Clinical Pharmacists will review your medication history to ensure continuity of care and to prevent errors. Pharmacists continue to play a very important role in your care time in hospital, working as part of the medical teams to ensure you get the best possible treatment, and to make sure you are discharged home smoothly.


As a patient, you will generally need to take medications while you are in hospital to assist with your treatment. You may also need to continue taking medications when you go home from hospital.