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Meeting Your Breast Specialist

On the day of your appointment you will be greeted by our Breast Centre front of house who will confirm some details with you for registration. Following this you will be seen by your Breast Specialist who will perform a same day triple assessment. A triple assessment is comprised of the following tests:

  • Clinical examination by a breast specialist.
  • A breast ultrasound or digital mammogram.
  • A core biopsy and/or fine needle aspiration as indicated.

Not all patients who attend the Beacon Hospital Breast Centre will require a triple assessment. This service is delivered in accordance with guidelines set by the National Quality Assurance Standards for Symptomatic Breast Disease and the HIQA standards.  

Contact Information

To make an appointment for the Triple Assessment Breast Clinic:

Phone: 01 293 8686 (Reception)
Phone: 01 293 6643 (Breast Care Nurse Specialists)
Mobile: (087) 127 0033 (Breast Care Nurse Specialists)
Fax: (01) 293 8641

 Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm