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Pilates is an exercise method which focuses on core stability, flexibility and posture. Core stability refers to the muscles around the waist area which need to be strong and flexible in order to protect the spine and allow the bigger muscles of the body to move more freely. The Pilates method was founded by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) whose philosophy was to focus on training the mind and body to work together to achieve overall fitness. Pilates is a whole body workout that is a suitable form of exercises for all age groups and for those with joint or back/neck pain. Our Chartered Physiotherapists here at the Beacon Hospital can perform an individual assessment for those who have an injury and wish to be assessed prior to joining the class, gain more information/ demonstration of Pilates exercises or who wish to have individual tuition. The aim of Pilates is to optimise musculoskeletal performance – strength, flexibility and endurance, without risking injury or building bulk. If focuses on correcting posture, neutral spinal alignment, improving core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilisation and breathing. Pilates helps restore the natural curves of the spine, relieve tension, reduce neck and back pain and enhance self confidence. The result is a balanced, strong and aligned body that looks fit and feels revitalized and moves with ease. The benefits of Pilates are numerous and include the following:

  • Effective in Reducing Back & neck Pain
  • Improves Posture – key postural muscles are targeted
  • Improves Core (Back and Pelvis) Strength & Stability
  • Learn to isolate and use the deep abdominal muscles that support the spine
  • Relives stress
  • Develops Longer, Leaner Muscles
  • Improves Balance & Co-Ordination
  • Effective in Injury prevention
  • Enhances Athletic Performance
  • Effective Post-Rehabilitation
  • Heightened Body-Mind Awareness
  • Increased Self Confidence

When: Pilates Classes take place on Monday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday lunchtimes. Additional classes may be provided on request. Cost: 6 (x 1 Hour) Consecutive Evening Pilates classes cost €120. 6 (x 45 minute) Consecutive Lunchtime Pilates classes cost €90. Experience: Classes cater for all levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). Instructors: All our Instructors are Chartered Physiotherapist and have a Stott Pilates qualification in teaching Pilates.

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