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We would like to welcome you to Beacon Hospital Paediatric Services.

We are currently in the process of expanding our Paediatric Services and will be announcing our exciting new developments soon!

At present we offer Day Care and overnight procedures, which include general surgery, urology, dentistry and ophthalmology. Your child’s safety and well being is of the utmost importance to us. Beacon Hospital hopes that by giving you the following information we will be able help you to prepare your child for their hospital admission with minimum anxiety.

If your child is ill, has any flu like symptoms or is in contact with any infectious diseases prior to surgery please contact your GP or one of the nurses at the numbers listed below as your child may need to be rescheduled for surgery. Beacon Hospital has developed a Child Protection Policy to ensure we are committed to safeguarding children, with the welfare of the child being paramount.

Your child should not come to the hospital for a planned operation for 4 weeks following the BCG or MMR. For all other vaccinations your child should not come to the hospital for a planned operation for one week after he/she has received the vaccine.

Infectious illness
If your child has had an infectious illness or has been in contact with an infectious illness (for example chicken pox, measles, mumps) in the six weeks before a planned operation it is safer that your child does not come to the hospital.

Please contact the nursing staff at the day ward of the allocated hospital for further information.

How do I prepare?
Please ensure you follow the fasting guidelines for your child.
– Your child can have water and other clear fluids up to two hours before admission
– Your child can have breastmilk up to four hours before
– Your child can have formula milk, cows milk or solids up to six hours before admission
– You should understand for safety reasons the surgery will be postponed or cancelled if you do not follow these fasting instructions.
Discussing your child’s visit to hospital, answering questions openly and honestly according to the age of your child will help alleviate their fears and anxieties (role play with the child’s favourite toy is an effective method of preparation.

What to Bring
– Nappies/nappy bags as appropriate
– Baby wipes
– Barrier cream
– Soother/comforter
– Loose clothing i.e. Tracksuit
– Bottles/Beaker
– Towel for Journey home
– A spare set of clothes

Day of your child’s operation/procedure
– Please arrive to the main Hospital Reception at the time given to you by the scheduling department at Beacon Hospital.
– No siblings are allowed on the Day Unit for Health and Safety Reasons.
– Please ensure a responsible adult will be able to look after your child for the first 24 hours after surgery.
– Due to space restrictions and health and safety only 1 parent/guardian is allowed to accompany your child to and from theatre. Any accompanying adults are welcome to use the coffee shop/canteen facilities on the 2nd or 6th floor.
– Please ensure you remove any nail varnish on your child before you come in (both fingers and toes).

After your child’s operation/procedure
– Your child will remain in the Day Unit until fully recovered from the anaesthetic; this varies for each individual child.
– Your child will be offered flat 7-up in order to slowly rehydrate. Solids are not always given as they may cause vomiting.
– We advise where possible that you have an adult to sit beside your child in the car for the journey home.
– Please follow any special instructions regarding dressing or removal of sutures given to you by the nurse on discharge.
– Your child may return to normal activity as soon as they feel able, or as per doctor’s instructions.

Contact Information

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact one of the Paediatric Nurses at the numbers below.

Scheduling: 01-293 8652
Day Unit: 01-293 7588 or 01-293 7586

Lily’s Adventure!

The hospital has published a booklet especially for paediatric patients ‘Lily’s adventure in Beacon Hospital’. Please click below to download it.

Lilly's Adventure in Beacon Hospital

 Click Here to Download!

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