February 15th 2023

Health Advantages to Circumcision with Dr O’Kelly

Are there any Health Advantages to Circumcision?


Image.ie have been putting readers’ questions to our experts. Outside of religious reasons, Dr Fardod O’Kelly is asked by a reader if there are any health advantages to circumcision which they are considering for their son.

Dr Fardod O’Kelly is a Consultant Paediatric Urologist here in Beacon for Kids. Dr O’Kelly starts by discussing the origins of the practice of circumcision. He also shares that the current rate of circumcision in Ireland is low at approximately 2-3%.

There have been arguments that circumcision reduces risks of UTIs, prevents disease and is more hygienic. However, as Dr O’Kelly explains this is not necessarily the case as there is little evidence to support this outside of high-risk populations.

Dr O’Kelly acknowledges there are some health indications which support circumcision. Although overall good hygiene, bladder and bowel habits are much more important. Apart from strong cultural, religious or health factors, Dr O’Kelly says that it is important to understand the risks, alternatives and long-term outcomes to this decision.

Dr O’Kelly’s full piece and advice on circumcision can be read here on Image.ie.

If you are concerned about any health issues, don’t delay. Visit your GP and check your health concerns.